Your One-Stop, Batch Shop!


Looking to have a project blasted, coated or painted? You’ve come to the right place! At Good Paint LLC, we take pride in being your premier, full-service batch shop, capable of providing you with a vast variety of finishing services designed to leave you with the aesthetic you require.

Whether you’re a private customer, a commercial business or a custom manufacturer, we’re here to be your painter, coater and sandblaster in Denver, CO. Thanks to decades of hands-on, professional experience, we’re able to offer you a degree of workmanship that’s simply unparalleled.

Blasting Services

Our facilities are equipped for a variety of different blasting applications and we take pride in performing all blasting services in-house. Come to us if you require:

  • Sandblasting: We specialize in sandblasting in Denver, CO! While most companies farm this work out to subcontractors, we do it all in house. This ensures we’re the only ones handling your project at all stages of the process. It also enables us to provide coating services immediately following, cutting down on turnaround times!
  • Soda blasting: If your project requires a mild form of abrasive blasting, we’re able to provide you with soda blasting services. From cleaning to paint stripping, auto parts restoration to remediation for fouling, this process is ideal for lighter finishing.
  • Media blasting: We have the equipment and media required to blast a range of materials, for a bevy of different finishes. Whether mineral or agricultural, synthetic or metallic, we can tailor media blasting around your needs to achieve a superior degree of perfection in the finished product.

Powder Coating

Where most line shops will only powder coat single colors or specialized applications each day, we take pride in being a batch shop that is able to work with numerous colors and projects at once. This allows us to cut the lead times for projects down and create quicker turnarounds, getting your finished product back into your hands quicker than the competition.

No matter the size of the project, the color of the coating or the final application, trust our professionals to deliver powder coating services that are far and above your expectations. We have experience in working with industrial and commercial customers, as well as those from specific industries such as medical.

Liquid Coating

Our shop is equipped with all of the necessities to provide you with painting and liquid coating finishing applications. Come to us for professional-grade painting no matter the application and rest assured you’re getting the finest results possible in return.